Power Path Goal Success 2022

Are you meeting your 2022 goals?

(Or did you not even set goals because you haven’t succeeded in the past?)

No matter where you are, imagine achieving your 2022 goals and having your best year ever?

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“Trish Perry delivers a powerhouse goal setting and achievement workshop to kick your new year into high gear. I experienced a powerful focus on values, vision and strategy, combined with clarity of detail. The workshop was a great way for me to invest in myself. I highly recommend the workshop.”

-- Joel Hodroff

Introducing Power Path Goal Success 2022

This is normally the time of year when people decide if their year will be successful or not.

We have completed Q1. People who have not succeeded in Q1 tend to give up for the rest of the year. And people who did not set goals may wish that they did, but it is too late. You aren’t alone…

Normally 83% of people don’t set goals and 92% don’t achieve their goals. (Yes, there is research backing that up)

With Power Path Goal Success there is a better way.

The Power Path process focuses on finding the right goals for you, ones which are 100% aligned with your values.

Then it brings in the Check & Change process where you regularly revisit your goals to make sure you are still on track. If you've had to make an adjustment because of something unexpected, you update your plan and proceed.

No more thinking you are failing because by July you have not nailed a schedule you set up in January.

It's also no fun to go through this alone.

By the end of the workshop, you'll have the option to join an accountability group that will meet regularly for the next 12 months. Together you'll check in and support each other as you make progress towards a successful 2022.

What People Are Saying:

"When I became a client of Trish's, I was facing huge obstacles that stood in the way of me and the life I wanted to be living. Thanks to her adept coaching and commitment to me achieving the results I was out to achieve, I am in a very different place today...living a more balanced, fulfilling and purposeful life."

Brian Mogren

Executive Director, Alafia Foundation


"Trish has a compassionate approach to teaching people how to use their personal power to achieve their goals"

Dawn Carlson

VP Human Resources, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation


"Before coaching with Trish I was surviving. After coaching with Trish I am thriving!"

VP Fortune 500 Company


I'm Trish Perry...

After decades in the corporate world, Trish left to pursue coaching.  A main tenet of hers is “You are not your adversity”. Whether it is an individual dealing with illness, loss, life balance, work-related adversity or it is an organization or team wanting more engagement and productivity, there is usually an adversity that needs to be addressed. Trish has deep experience with powerful recovery from adversity including traumatic losses, breast cancer, layoffs, and dysfunctional bosses and teams. She has created the Power Path Process of coaching to get outstanding results for her clients.

Trish Perry, PCC is a certified master results coach, trainer and speaker. She uses Power Path Coaching™️ to help clients uncover their true power resulting in achieving goals, increased engagement, productivity, self-confidence and joy.

Here's a Sneak Peek inside Power Path Goal Success

First thing to know is this is a live workshop. It's interactive. And there's some homework. (But don't let that scare you.)

Through the 4 sessions, you'll follow the Power Path 9-C's System where you will:

  • Close out your 2021 year acknowledging successes and opportunities
  • Clarify your values
  • Commit to these goals by writing them out
  • Construct plans to achieve your goals
  • Communicate your goals to the group
  • Check and Change: Put in plans to check goals on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis.  Once checked, you may need to change
  • Celebrate your achievement of goal setting with the group and put plans in place to celebrate your small and big wins in the year

And after all of that you'll be able to meet with your accountability partners for the next year to discuss your progress and help each other overcome hurdles. All included in your (discounted) $199 registration price.

Register Now for Power Path Goal Success 2022

The Power Path Goal Success 2022 is a virtual workshop where you will learn to powerfully create goals for your life and come away with a system that will give you all the tools and support you need to achieve them.

When you register for Power Path Goal Success 2022, you'll receive:

  • A detailed plan to make 2022 your most successful year
  • The unique Power Path "Check and Change" system that always propels you towards achieving your goals
  • Invitations to Four 1-Hour Workshop Sessions
  • Regular check-ins through the year with specially selected Accountability Partners
  • The Power Path Success System enabling you to plan for and achieve your 2022 goals

What you get:

  • 4 One Hour Zoom-based Workshop Session
  • 30-minute Q&A Available after each call
  • Downloadable Digital Power Path Worksheets
  • One year of Accountability Check-Ins

The Power Path workshops usually cost $299 and during the Early-Bird registration sale, you can register for only $199 and save one hundred dollars.

Register for:
Power Path Goal Success


$ 199

  • 4 Workshop Sessions
  • Plan and Achieve Your Goals
  • Accountability Group Meetings

Early Bird Price $199 (Regular $299)

The Power Path Goal Success 2022 workshop is scheduled for:

  • Mondays May 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd at 11 AM- 12 PM CT
  • Or Tuesday May 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th at 6:00PM-7:00 PM CT

Who is Power Path Goal Success 2022 for:

This workshop is for you if:

  • You're fed up setting new goals
  • You think New Years Resolutions are the worst part of January
  • You genuinely want to have a better year than your last one

This workshop is NOT for you if:

  • You're looking for a quick 5 minute solution (for one thing, the Workshop is four 1-hour sessions)
  • The system you already have to achieve your goals is working and you're already ahead of schedule for 2022 (you're probably already on the Power Path)
  • You're reading this on the beach from your own private island (could you invite us to do the workshop there next year?)

What People Are Saying:

Before coaching with Trish I was operating from fear, I had lost self-confidence,   I was overwhelmed, tentative and afraid of losing my job because I was behind in my work.  My supervisors communicated this through a disciplinary process.  I struggled with anxiety and health issues which had me functioning below my best self.  After coaching with Trish I have reduced my anxiety.  She has given me skills and tools to manage my stress, name the things that were holding me back and manage my work flow in positive and efficient ways.  My self-confidence has returned.  My supervisors are pleased and have noted marked improvement.  I am deeply thankful for Trish’s presence in my life.  She brings years of expertise and knowledge and a positive coaching methodology and presence.  She is a gift at just the right time in my life.

JP, University of Minnesota

Life coaching with Trish Perry resulted in more than I had expected. She helped me move beyond the constant anger of what happened to me, the sadness of losing friends that either didn't get it, or couldn't handle how much the brain injury changed me, and the frustration and fear of my new brain, but mostly with the loss of my sense of self.

Rae:  A Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

I worked with Trish Perry during a difficult emotional time in my life. Throughout the coaching experience, Trish was kind, compassionate, empathetic, polished, and creative. She helped me to move through this period so that I could find joy in my personal and family life again. I now recognize all the power I have within me to create the life I desire. Trish is a great listener and is highly intuitive. I always felt safe to share my thoughts with her. My coaching sessions with Trish resulted in me gaining new ideas for personal fulfillment and I have many more effective tools to help me create positive change in my life. I highly recommend Trish and Harmonize Coaching!

Beth: Twin Cities Coaching Client